Flower Essence

Flower Essences were discovered by a London physician, Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s to cure some of the ailments he found in his patients. He found that he got better results using the flower essences than he did the traditional medicine of his day. He soon stopped practicing traditional medicine altogether and focused solely on what came to be known as the Bach Flower Essences.

Dr. Bach created 38 flower essences, which he felt would cure any mental/emotional imbalance. I believe, as Dr. Bach did, that your body is naturally whole, complete and perfect. When you solve the core mental and emotional issues bringing your being into balance, you feel better and find that life is a joyous experience.

The Flower Essences work by flooding out the negative thoughts and emotions that cause the outward physical symptoms thereby bringing your mind, body and spirit into balance. When your whole essence is in balance many physical aliments will also disappear.

It is my belief that using natural, energetic remedies is the only real way to solve mental and emotional issues and realign you with your spirit.

Combination Flower Essence

I have combined some of the Flower Essence remedies into solutions for some of the more common maladies. 

You may order one of my pre-combo flower essence remedies by visiting Just skin food and by filling out the form with your combo request. 


Here is a list of the pre-combo remedies:

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