What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic approach to wellness used by millions worldwide for over 200 years.  It is based on the principle that the natural state of the body is one of health.  The goal of homeopathy is to help restore health rapidly, gently, and permanently.

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s immune system to restore balance and allows the patient to heal naturally.

Homeopathy teaches us that symptoms are a response to imbalances in the body.  Instead of suppressing symptoms, homeopathic remedies work gently with the body to stimulate balance and healing.  

All aspects of the client's unique mental, emotional and physical characteristics are used to determine the homeopathic remedy that assists with restoring health.

Homeopathic remedies which originate mostly from plants and minerals are highly diluted eliminating any side effects of the original substance. 

Homeopathy's gentle remedies stimulate the body's immune system to restore balance and allow the client to heal naturally which is why the changes that occur are so deep and powerful.

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