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Homeopathic Remedies


The process of potentization brings out the latent energy of the substance, be it from the plant, mineral or animal kingdoms. Anything can theoretically be used homeopathically, from metals to tree bark to squid ink.

In our Homeopathic Materia Medica (the database of remedy information) we have several thousand remedies. Information about the healing properties of these substances are continually being added to and updated. Sometimes science discovers a use for something that homeopaths have been using for many years. (For example, Digitalis is used as a heart drug).

Some remedies are commonly used in acute situations (such as Arnica Montana for physical trauma) and are easily available from most health food stores.

If you seek help for a more deep seated chronic state, it may require a remedy only available from one of several homeopathic pharmacies.


Homeopathic pharmacies do not use chemical processes in the production of the remedies. The use of natural resources is kept to a minimum and the remedies are inexpensive, of high quality and effective for many years.

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