Gabriella Calvi-Rooney, B.S., DSH, CHC, C.HP

Classical & Practical Homeopathic Practitioner

I have been in practice since 2005 as a professional homeopath practicing both classical and modern homeopathy. 

Additionally, I bring to my practice over 25 years of valuable holistic and organic family life style raising my adult son with homeopathy in a healthy way.

My first introduction into the world of holistic healing was when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy in 1989. Homeopathy was the method of healing that my physician used when I was sick that winter in Italy of 1989.

Like many Homeopaths, I was introduced to homeopathy as a patient. My desire to learn about holistic healthcare grew as I experienced significant improvement in my own health through continued homeopathic treatment.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Masters in Italian language and post-graduate studies in technology.

It wasn't until 1994 when I realized I wanted to work with people in an effective holistic method of wellness and to go for a formal education in Homeopathy. 

I began my training in homeopathy in 1997 with a two-year study program at the Five Element Center in NJ and at The Open Center in NY. 

I completed my formal studies in 2006 with a four-year certified clinical diploma program at The School of Homeopathy, NYC location, a division of the Devon, England School, with in-person clinical patients and professional homeopathic professors and MD's. 

Today as always, I attend to my education in homeopathy with postgraduate clinical studies to continually develop knowledge and skills in specific areas, new modalities, and in infectious diseases, with world renown professional homeopaths and homeopathic MD's.


I have also incorporated in my holistic studies other areas of healing from Herbal Remedies, Essential Oils Studies, Flower Essences, Naturopathy and GemmoTherapy.

I also founded Just Skin Food in 2011- a USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Line.

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