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How can tissue salts help in Pregnancy


Please see a homeopath before taking any tissue (cell) salts.

Your homeopath will design a specific protocol of when and how to take tissue salts during pregnancy.


If taken at first trimester it prevents miscarriages, and taken during last trimester gives easy birth and normal puerperium.


Increases contractile and coordinated power of uterine muscles, and improves general health of baby and mother. 


Tissue Salts are widely available. They are sold as soft tablets that melt in the mouth. Care needs to be taken not to contaminate them by touching them in the tube (tip the correct amount into the lid) or storing them with strong smelling products such as essential oils.

Tissue salts are known as a half way house between nutritional supplements and homeopathy. They are a range of twelve of the most common mineral tissue salts found in the human body and critical for health maintenance. They replace deficient minerals in a microscopic form which are absorbed directly in the mouth. They have a slight homeopathic effect due to their preparation being so close to that of homeopathic remedies.  Although, unlike homeopathic remedies that contain a minute amount of the original substances, rather than treating ‘’like with like’’ (homeopathy), these remedies correct imbalances or deficiencies in the body’s cell nutrition, helping the body restore itself to health.

Tissue salts are prepared as single individual remedies or they are also prepared in combinations of tissue salts for different complaints. These different combinations of tissue salts are for a wide range of ailments, which being partly homeopathic and partly micro-nutrient is considered safe for both pregnant women and children. They can also be taken with other medications. There are no instant cures using tissue salts as they gradually restore the body to its natural balance.


Tissue (cell) salts for pregnancy that are mostly used

Calc. Fluor. – for tissue elasticity, dental development, helps prevent stretch marks, makes ligaments more supple and ensures stronger teeth for mother and baby. Additional helps with impaired circulation, varicose veins and piles.

Mag. Phos. – Anti- spasmodic, prevents cramping of muscles in legs and feet, soothes an irritable womb and relieves some headaches in pregnancy. It also optimises magnesium levels and helps prevent colic in babies after birth.

Ferr. Phos. – Improves iron absorption from food and supplements. Also anti- inflammatory properties, helping prevent infections in pregnancy and counteracting sore, swollen, inflamed joints. Improves tissue strength, making aches and pains less likely in pregnancy.

Nat. Mur. - Improves the absorption of fluids. Can help with morning sickness and prevent loss of hair during childbirth and lactation. It also helps build up the milk supply for breast feeding. Generally known to help with dryness or excessive moisture in any parts of the body, running colds, loss of smell and taste.

Silicea – The cleanser and eliminator. Taken for anything with pus formation, for example, boils and styes, and is good for brittle nails and scalp disorders. Helps prevent mastitis and cracked nipples. Also useful in addressing painful and lame feet, especially the instep. Sleeping: helps prevent overheating and rapid pulse as well as talking in your sleep, bad dreams and jerking of limbs.

In months 8 & 9  Kali Phos may be needed, but consult homeopath first.

Kali Phos – The nerve nutrient. The main mineral constituent of nerve and brain tissue, so helps in the healthy development of these systems. Helps keep you calm and improves sleep and hyper – emotionality.

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