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We are a private membership health association that provides holistic health care and information in support of a members' well-being.  

To set up a private homeopathic session please fill out the PMA form request.  We will send you our PMA bylaws and membership contract to be returned signed before setting up an appointment.

Once we receive your PMA contract signed we will set up an appointment and email your health intake forms and consent form to be filled out prior to your actual appointment.

The "Let's Talk for 15 minutes" is not required to fill out a PMA form.



Gabriella has been our homeopath for the past 15 years taking care of my 4 children, and even our pets.

I have no idea what I would do with out her continual help.

Christina F

Gabriella is always available when we need her. 

She has helped us through all sorts of issues and especially now during current state of affair.

Natalie W

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